“We Urge ICAEW & Malaysia Government To Consider The Well-Being & Health Of Students”

The Coronavirus cases has been rising rapidly in Malaysia, mainly in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor but they are still insisting on having the ICAEW examination physically there despite cancelling the physical exam in states like Johor and Penang. Students who have registered for the exam in this centres are indirectly forced to go for the centre based exam as they have not been given an option to defer the exam to next sitting (defer here means carry forward the £103 to next sitting), or been given an option for Remote Invigilation unlike those who registered in Johor and Penang. It has come to our knowledge that ICAEW told the students that they however can withdraw from the exam but that means no refund will be given unless with health conditions. The entire cost of the professional examination is £103 ( +- RM600). During this MCO, losing a huge amount as such is definitely something to ponder upon especially when some students are from B40 families.

We have been told that the official email from ICAEW to the fellow students stated that the exam centres are still running in Segi College, Subang Jaya and Novux , Kuala Lumpur because the government deemed to be safe to sit for exam in these exam centres. This is highly unprofessional action committed by the government , and we demand an explanation because both areas are currently Red zone and MCO.

Approximately 400 students are affected with this and we demand ICAEW and the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia to take the safety of students seriously and ensure professional examinations as such to be done by Remote Invigilation or to be refunded the payment fully. The government’s decision to allow this is utterly irresponsible and has to be reversed for the well-being of all students.

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