Pena Mahasiswa Keadilan Malaysia #PenaMKM

Demi mengangkat budaya intelektualisme dan wacana ilmiah dalam kalangan mahasiswa, Mahasiswa Keadilan Malaysia telah membuka ruangan PenaMKM. Di mana, semua mahasiswa tidak kira latar pemikiran dan pendidikan boleh menyumbang tulisan ilmiah dalam pelbagai isu seperti politik, ekonomi, sosial, sejarah, agama, falsafah, sains dan teknologi.

Penulisan anda boleh dihantar ke email kami dan akan disiarkan di website rasmi kami.

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Comments On Special Address Of YAB Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim At The United Nations General Assembly 78th Session 2023

Yesterday on the 22 September 2023 at about 10.00 pm MYT, YAB Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim who is fondly known as PMX had just delivered his Special Address in the 78th Session of the United Nations General Assembly at New York, United States. The entire nation is taken aback with his vocality on some pertinent issues that captivated the attention of the global community. The 16 minutes long speech mostly covered on the issues of conflict between Russia – Ukraine, discrimination towards women and girls in Afghanistan, Palestine occupation crisis, Junta regime in Myanmar, Islamophobia, Climate change, the dynamics of ASEAN and Asia Pacific, and what not.

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Towards A Better Malaysia, Shall We?

When it comes to political discussion, many of us are interested to take part in giving their opinions and sharing their thoughts. It seems easy to many of us since it does not require a degree or any kind of academic qualification to prove whether your opinion is absolutely right or totally wrong.

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